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New Thatch Roofs & Lapas

  • Only CCA treated timber is used
  • All tie beams are bolted
  • Cape reed internal finish
  • 150-175mm Thatch
  • Fiberglass Ridging

Comb, Patch & Repair

A well constructed thatch roof should last for 20-25 years as long as general maintenance is done every 5-6 years.

Over time the ends of the grass start turning up therefore trapping the moisture and not allowing a smooth run off of water. Combing is done to break off these turned up ends and smooth out the surface of the thatch. Ridge caps are also checked & tightened in the process.

Our workmanship and materials complies with the CSIR and S.A.B.S. specifications. We also subscribe to the code of ethics as laid down by the Thatching Association of South Africa.

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